Virgin Atlantic Baggage Allowance-Flying with Baggage 11/02/2020

Everything you need to know about Virgin Atlantic Flying with baggage

This page will direct you to useful information about baggage, including check-in and hand baggage, baggage restrictions, and extra baggage if your allowance isn't enough.

Hand baggage allowances 

Check-in baggage allowance for the hold 

Baggage that's a bit different

Sports equipment

> Additional Baggage

> Oversized Baggage

> Musical Instruments


Permissions and restrictions

Liquid restrictions - Find out about the current restrictions for carrying liquids in your hand baggage

Dangerous and prohibited items - What you can and can't bring onto the aircraft

Food restrictions - Some foods can't be brought into the UK.

US baggage screening - What happens when your check-in baggage gets searched in the US

Powder restrictions - Find out about the current restrictions for carrying powders in your hand baggage

US security faster - To benefit from faster security you'll need to apply for TSA Pre✓® and Global Entry

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