For Customers

How can I make a hotel or tour booking?

  • 1. First of all, you need to search for available hotels or tours on desired dates. 
  • 2. Get acquainted with detailed information about the hotel or tour. If the proposed conditions match your desires, you can upgrade to the next step.
  • 3. When booking the hotel, please select the hotel room, a number of rooms and extra beds (if desired). For booking the tour please select the number of guests (adult, children, and infants). Please check the information once again, and then you can switch to the next step. 
  • 4. At the next step, you should choose to book as a guest or as a registered user. If you are already registered, please enter the authentication details. If you are a first time user, enter all necessary information in the graphs. 
  • 5. At the final stage please read terms and policy before proceeding to book and press the button "CONFIRM THIS BOOKING".
  • 6. After you will be redirected to your invoice where you need to select the payment method. Please click the "Pay on arrival" button to confirm your booking. If you don't click the "Pay on arrival" button, the booking will be canceled in 24 hours automatically.


How can I buy the cheapest flight tickets online?

  • 1. After opening the flight search engine page, you need to enter the departure and arrival cities. You should also enter the dates of departure and return (if you wish to buy a round trip flight ticket). Enter the information about passengers & class. After that, you can click on the Start Search button to find search results.
  • 2. Use the filter function on price, a number of stops, baggage, duration of stops, airfares, departure/arrival times, travel time, connecting airports, airlines, airports & online travel agencies. Filtering will help you identify the ticket which is perfectly satisfied with your requirements.
  • 3. Search results are based on hundreds of different travel partner companies that allow you to buy air tickets at the cheapest price. Click on your selected ticket and see additional flight details. When you click the " Book" button you will be redirected to our partner.  
  • 4. Once you have been redirected to the partner, please check again the flight details, enter the relevant personal information, information about the payment and purchase. Enter an active e-mail address where you will receive a confirmation of ticket purchase. Good luck!


Who can book?

The services offered by Branduus are not directed at children under 18 years old. The use of any of our services is only allowed with the valid consent of a parent or a guardian. If we receive information from a child under 18 years old, we reserve the right to delete it.


How long does it take to get a hotel or tour booking confirmation?

  • 1. After booking the hotel or tour, the confirmation will be sent instantly to your email address. Please enter the active e-mail address in the booking process, in which branduus does not take any responsibility. If you don't receive the confirmation of the reservation on your e-mail, please contact us in the shortest possible time to make the appropriate actions.
  • 2. By the way, booking invoice will be shown in the user account. You can log in and check invoice status at any time you want. Do you have an access problem with your user account? Please, don't hesitate to contact us we are ready to help you. 


Should we pay the full amount of the hotel or tour reservation instantly?

You are not obliged to pay the full cost of the reservation instantly. At the end of the booking, click the Pay on arrival button and after that, you will pay the amount at the hotel or tour destination. If you don't click the "Pay on arrival" button, the booking will be canceled in 24 hours automatically.


In what case does the customer get a coupon discount code?

  • 1. To get a coupon code and discounts, first of all, you must subscribe to Branduus news. We periodically send you information about various discounts, which include coupon combination with the relevant percentage discount.
  • 2. Another way to view interesting offers and discounts is to see Branduus's offer page, where you can see new discounts and promotions from the different partners.


Plans changed, how can I cancel the reservation? and how long does this process needs?

  • 1. Of course, you can contact us and ask to cancel the specific booking. We have the right to cancel most of our partners' bookings, based on the terms and conditions provided by them. We have the right to cancel the booking only if we do not contradict the partner's terms and conditions. If the cancellation condition is a priority for you, please make your booking only in the partners with this condition. Cancellation and other conditions can be found in the booking process on the partner page. Otherwise, you may be penalized by partner, cancelation, and violation of the terms.
  • 2. Once we receive your request for canceling the booking, we will be able to change the status of your booking in the shortest possible time in accordance with the terms of cancellation.


How can I delete my user account?

To delete your user account please send us a request to delete your account. Once we receive an official request for deletion of the account, we will delete the account in the shortest possible time. Upon request, you will receive a confirmation message about deleting your account.


For Partners

Which conditions of business should I satisfy to start cooperating with you?

  • 1. In order to start cooperation with Branduus and become a partner, you must own or manage a hotel, apartment or other types of real estate. The main purpose of renting the property is to receive revenue from its daily rentals.
  • 2. Do you have an official tourist business or are you an individual tourist agent? These conditions are quite enough to help you develop your business, export the service and earn extra income.
  • 3. Responsibility and commitment: By launching our partnership with you, you fully agree with responsibility and commitment. Detailed information about the company's terms, conditions and restrictions are available on our website. Also, you get full responsibility for the internal taxes and the legal side of the country or region.


Do I have the right to cooperate with you as well as other booking companies?

  • You have the right to become our partner and use all of the benefits offered by Branduus platform. Cooperation with our friendly company does not prohibit partnership with other booking platforms.


What should I do to become a partner and start using the platform?

  • 1. First of all, click on the supplier registration page, select the relevant form of business (Hotel or Tour) in the given boxes, write the information about your business and click on the registration button.
  • 2. Once we receive your request for your business registration, we will review the details and confirm your request. You will receive the authorization details on the e-mail.
  • 3. Once you receive the authentication details you will be able to log in to your control panel. The control panel allows you to add, manage, and use the platform's suggested benefits.


Can I add a hotel & tour using one account?

  • Yes, you can actually add the hotel and tour from the same control panel. Simply, you need to send us a request for access to the relevant function. Once we receive your request, we will review the details and confirm your request quickly. 


Is it free to register as a partner?

  • Registration of partners, adding business and its management is absolutely free!


What is the fee for the partner and how does it calculate?

  • Partners' fees depend on the number of confirmed reservations. The commission is equal to 15% of the total cost of the confirmed bookings. At the end of each month, partners will receive invoices about the confirmed reservations made during the month. They will also receive information about the full cost of the reservation, the commission fee, and the terms of payment. 


How do I get information about the bookings made by guests?

  • 1. When the online booking is made by the guest, the confirmation message will be automatically sent to the partner's email address instantly.
  • 2. When the online booking is made by the guest, the booking information will appear in the control panel immediately. By using these settings you will be able to update the booking, view the invoice and its status in real-time.
  • 3. Once you receive the booking, our hard recommendation will be to contact the guest by using email or telephone communications. Contact information will be available on the invoice page of the booking.


What should I do after receiving the booking?

  • 1. Once you receive the booking, our hard recommendation will be to contact the guest by using email or telephone communications. Contact information will be available on the invoice page of the booking.
  • 2. Once the booking price is paid by the guest, you have to open the reservation options, specify the paid amount and click on the booking "Update button". Clicking on the button will change the status of the invoice page as the booking is already paid. Information about invoice status will be available for both you and your guest.


Do I have the right to demand the booking fee before the guest arrives?

  • If your booking condition involves prepaid payments before arriving, then it has to be written in your Terms and Conditions. Otherwise, the guest is not obliged to pay the advance price of the booking before arrival. Our hard recommendation will be to contact the guest by using email or telephone communications. The details related to payment should be reviewed by you and the guest according to the terms and conditions.


I would like to offer a discount. What should I do?

  • 1. In order to offer a discount for guests, you have to send a request with the following information: How many percent discounts you want to offer guests (For example, 5%, 10% 20%, etc.), the maximum number of discount usage, discount start, and end dates. Made discounts will be displayed on the invoice page.
  • 2. After receiving an official request, we will carry out the appropriate actions in the shortest possible time. We will generate the coupon code by the appropriate discount terms. When we generate a coupon code we send it to you to use it for your guests. In addition, we will send our subscribers notification about the proposed discount. Discount offer will also be displayed on the company's main offers page. 


Do I have the right to cooperate with other travel companies?

  • Partnership with our company does not restrict cooperation with other travel companies.


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